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Fairy Tail Adopt #2 by AvaTheCat201 Fairy Tail Adopt #2 :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 2 7 Sonic adoptable 1 by AvaTheCat201 Sonic adoptable 1 :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 3 3 Carys The Hedgehog by AvaTheCat201 Carys The Hedgehog :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 2 5 Yosoku The Hedgehog by AvaTheCat201 Yosoku The Hedgehog :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 4 2
The Path To Never Forget Arc 1 Part 4
                                                  The Path To never Forget
                                                                   Arc 1
                                                              Rainbow Flare
"This cave is scarier than than the rest..." Lucy said.
"Now that you say it it kind of different and normally
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 0 0
Chibi Iris by AvaTheCat201 Chibi Iris :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 4 9
The Path To Never Forget Arc 1 part 3
                                                    The Path To Never Forget
                                                                  Arc 1
                                                             Rainbow Flare
With Natsu and Happy and Janga.
"How much longer until we find that stupid cave?" Natsu complained.
"I don't get it
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 0 3
The Path To Never Forget Arc 1 Part 2
                                                 The Path To Never Forget
                                                                Arc 1
                                                           Rainbow Flare
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 0 0
Fairy Tail Adopt #1 by AvaTheCat201 Fairy Tail Adopt #1 :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 2 0 Iris v.s. Natsu by AvaTheCat201 Iris v.s. Natsu :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 2 0 Iris Selling Candy by AvaTheCat201 Iris Selling Candy :iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 3 0
The Path to Never Forget Arc 1 Part 1
                                                The Path To Never Forget
                                                               Arc 1
                                                          Rainbow Flare
"That was one tough job Janga! I mean seriously could that monster have roared any louder?" Iris said in a playful manner.
Iris is a powerful wizard. She is wild
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 1 12
Sonic High (revamp) Part 6
"BLAZE!!! That's crazy! Don't you remember how bad he broke your heart?" Marine said.
"I know but, this is what I want and I need him for this party tonight." Blaze exclaimed.
"Whatever. But don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart." Marine said.
Blaze nervously fumbled her fingers across the screen as she put in his number.
"Is this really worth it?" she thought to herself.
"Who is this?"
"Um. Hey Shadow it's Blaze I was wondering if you would like to go to Sonic's party with me?" Blaze asked.
"Blaze it's been a while. Sure I'd love to go with you I'll pick you up at 7:30." Shadow said.
Shadow is a black and red hedgehog he has a dark and mysterious past with a bit of a bad attitude. He is the ultimate life form. But at heart he is a good guy.
"WOW! I can't believe he said yes!" Blaze shrieked.
"Blaze that's a bit out of character for you..." Marine stated.
"Yea... anyway Marine we're leaving in around an hour so get ready." Blaze said.
"Aye mate!" Marine replied.
After they
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Sonic High (revamp) Part 5
Silver and Amy walked back into the lunch holding hands.
"What is going on? This better not be a joke! What are you two doing?" Blaze inquired.
"Oh! You know this is my new boyfriend you know him Silver." Amy said happily.
"But you've been obsessing over Sonic since you could talk! When did that change?" Blaze asked.
"I realized that if Sonic doesn't appreciate me then I shouldn't be with him." Amy said.
"And Silver you literally just asked me out a couple hours ago!" Blaze said.
"Me and Amy bonded over our rejection to form a great couple!" Silver said.
"Great couple! You just got together like 5 minutes ago!" Blaze yelled.
"It's not the time that matters it's the heart." Silver said.
"You are so poetic sweetie!" Amy squealed then kissed him on the cheek.
"Barf me a river!" Blaze said in disgust.
"Well I never thought this would happen." Tails said.
"Me neither." Cream said.
"Well I for one think they are a great couple Sonic is so mean to Amy that it was only a matter of time before
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 0 0
Sonic High (revamp) Part 4
 "UGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Class is so boring! I think I'm going to die of boredom!" Sonic cried
"Sonic what happened to being quiet?" Blaze said.
"Being quiet was boring I needed excitement!" Sonic replied.
"Can't you hold it together for like just another..." The bell cut her off.
"There you go class is done. Was it that hard to keep it together?"
But Sonic had already zoomed out of class.
"Typical Sonic." She said.
At Lunch.
"BLAZE!!! BLAZE!!! BUH-LAAAAAAAZE!!!" Amy yelled as she sat down for lunch.
"What is it Amy?" Blaze asked her.
"My Love is having a party and still hasn't invited me I'm starting to think he hates me!" Amy cried.
"What made you think that?" Blaze said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.
Just as she said that Cream and Marine walked up to there table and sat down.
"Ohhhh Amy! Why are you crying?" Cream asked with worry.
"Don't shed tears mate!" Marine sa
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 1 0
Iris Prisma Backstory
A lot of people were wondering about Iris's backstory and with the changes I've made to her character I feel now is a good time to talk about it.
                                                                Early Years
    Iris was born in the town of Magnolia but, grew up in a cottage in the Worth Woodsea with her mother Farrah Prisma. Her father a previous member of the Fairy Tail guild and a celestial wizard owning Picses before Yukino. He really was a terrible man though because the second he found out Farrah was bearing a child they broke up and Iris never got the chance to meet him because Farrah decided to go back to the place she grew up to raise her child. The Worth Woodsea. Farrah was an artist she valued life's color more than anyt
:iconavathecat201:AvaTheCat201 0 5


Tenshi Redesign by Avie-Neko Tenshi Redesign :iconavie-neko:Avie-Neko 8 8 {Fairy Tail gift} .:Sabertooth friends:. by TheNight-Guardian {Fairy Tail gift} .:Sabertooth friends:. :iconthenight-guardian:TheNight-Guardian 27 15 Vivien Vanderwood by Avie-Neko Vivien Vanderwood :iconavie-neko:Avie-Neko 6 6 Dark Angel-Reia by AseekanSaram Dark Angel-Reia :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 5 10 Gift-Tenshi by AseekanSaram Gift-Tenshi :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 4 4 FT OC Cloud- New Power by AseekanSaram FT OC Cloud- New Power :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 8 10 Vivien Rough by Avie-Neko Vivien Rough :iconavie-neko:Avie-Neko 5 5 FT OC Saram- Training by AseekanSaram FT OC Saram- Training :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 6 14 another commission by FurryFriend13 another commission :iconfurryfriend13:FurryFriend13 1 0 Flower Based Adopt by AdoptSonicCharacter Flower Based Adopt :iconadoptsoniccharacter:AdoptSonicCharacter 121 37 Candy Corn Witch Wisp by WispTheKitty Candy Corn Witch Wisp :iconwispthekitty:WispTheKitty 26 14 [OnS] AT: Lacril by AshianaAquaris [OnS] AT: Lacril :iconashianaaquaris:AshianaAquaris 46 43 Gift-Iris by AseekanSaram Gift-Iris :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 4 3 Saram's Evolution by AseekanSaram Saram's Evolution :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 5 6 ... by AseekanSaram ... :iconaseekansaram:AseekanSaram 3 11 {FairyTail Oc} .:Kaya:. by TheNight-Guardian {FairyTail Oc} .:Kaya:. :iconthenight-guardian:TheNight-Guardian 41 30


I really enjoy the colour scheme and design of these characters. I feel as if there is a lot of mystery surrounding them which really t...

You took this shot amazingly i have no words. I like how you took it in black in white i don't know why but i think it looks better. th...



Fairy Tail Adopt #2
This OC has been adopted by :iconavie-neko: I just want to thank her for adopting and I hope you like your new OC.

So this is my second fairy tail adoptable. She is probably my favorite adoptable yet. Anyway, let's get into adoption rules. This adoptable is free all you have to do is note me if you want her and fill out some basic info.







Once, you have adopted her you are free to do whatever you like with her. The reason I make my adoptables so simple is so you can change them up so have fun!
Sonic adoptable 1
This adoptable was given to :iconspicy-love: sorry to everyone else who was interested but, I will make more in the future.

Here is a Sonic Adoptable I made. She is absolutely free. If anyone is interested in her feel free to contact me via note or comment section. Once you have adopted her feel free to do whatever you like with her just fill out this basic info and your free to go!





I hope you enjoy
Carys The Hedgehog
Carys is the replacement experiment created by Dr. Eggman for Yosoku. Unlike Yosoku Carys was complete.

Name: Carys The Hedgehog

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 13

Powers: Clairvoyance.

Crush: Sonic.

Likes: Sonic, Anime, fangirling, hair, hoodies.

Dislikes: Being treated as a tool, dark and gloomy things, red, water.

Backstory: After, Eggman abandoned Yosoku he needed a replacement. That replacement was Carys. He created her to be the upgrade to Yosoku and tried to keep her safe from outside disruptions with her programming. He did that well until she met Sonic. When she was out in the woods trying to find a plant for Eggman a rock avalance struck luckily Sonic was out there at the same time and saved her. She instantly fell in love with him especially when she learned about him. She instanly equipped herself with Sonic gear and promised if she ever met him again she would never betray him.

Friends: Sonic, Tails, Marine, Cream, Blaze, Silver.

Enemies: Shadow, Yosoku, Amy.
Yosoku The Hedgehog
It has been so long since I've drawn Sonic! Anyway, this is my new sonic OC Yosoku. She was an experiment created by Dr. Eggman. I am in love with her design anyway let's get into her character.

Name: Yosoku The Hedgehog.

Species: Hedgehog.

Age: 17

Powers: Yosoku has the power of clairvoyance which means she can predict the future.

Likes: Silence, the dark, flowers, Shadow, friends, purple.

Dislikes: Loud people, large groups, dolls and robots, Eggman, bright things.

Friends: Blaze, Shadow, Cream, Rouge, Sonic.

Enemies: Amy, Eggman, Tails, Silver, Marine.

Crush: Shadow

Backstory: Yosoku was an experiment created by Dr. Eggman, that's where she met Shadow and they became good friends. Eggman, dropped Yosoku as a project because she was becoming to much to handle then he abandoned her.
Just a reminder free recolours to anyone who wants one.
I love to look at fresh new deviants art work I feel like I'm watching a baby bird hatching from it's egg. So every once in a while I like to recognize these new Deviants. And today i am recognizing Avie-Neko she is a fresh new face to DA and I am loving her art so far! Just priceless. I want all of you guys to check her out if you want to find her she is in my watchers list.


AvaTheCat201's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! Peeps! If your looking for a fun gal who loves to draw I'm the one! I have grown and changed as have my skills as an artist! I'm not the same little girl as I was back then! I hope you guys know that and I look forward to having more fun with DA.

Anyway, I'm currently 17. I love art, anime, books, writing, and video games. I am a bit of an introvert and in school... I'm not the best. I MEAN I GOT A 21 ON MY LAST MATH TEST WHAT AM I USAGI TSUKINO (hope I spelled that right...). Yet I'm certainly not dumb. I try hard it just never pays off... My escape from it all is art. I try to express deep meaning with ORIGINAL OC's! AWESOME FANFICS! and more I hope you enjoy my art


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